Childrens Books


My first foray into book publishing was some 55 years ago. As a school librarian at an elementary school, I wrote to a publisher suggesting a collection of short poems for children that would include famous haiku. The form was  not then widely known in this country. Franklin Watts took this as a query letter, and told me to go ahead, so I selected a number of poems, several of which were written by my own children. The First Book of Short Verse, published in 1964, was well-received, and Franklin Watts proposed another selection of poetry for somewhat older children, which became The First Book of Lyric Poems (1968).


Also in 1968, Simon & Schuster published a book I wrote for children in middle school, basically about how to learn: What Do You Want to Know? Here's a review from Kirkus:

All these books were published under the name Coralie Howard. All are now out of print, but used copies float about the Internet.