Demographers estimate that 108 billion people have been born since modern humans showed up. As one of the older individuals on the planet, I just might be the hundred billionth. Amazingly, all of us humans are unique, even identical twins.

I'm a reader and a writer who has always been interested in the Why? and the What if?  When you cross history with the creative possibilities of the future it turns you into a Practical Utopian.

For me, the most important news is the long-range news, the deep news. I’m fascinated by the ways people (and animals) think, having learned a lot from raising children, from companion animals, and from hanging out with science fiction writers, bioregionalists,  eccentric artists and musicians, etc.

My working career ranges from college teacher to janitor, waitress to editor, and librarian to gourmet cook. Being retired means I can read and write full-time, with a little gardening on the side.

With roots in the Midwest, and sojourns on both coasts, I'm now settled in a university town in the Arkansas Ozarks where I came back-to the-land in the ‘70s. I have two daughters and two grandsons who create art.